5 Credit and A/R Competencies That Finance Leaders Value

5 Credit and A/R Competencies That Finance Leaders Value

About The Webinar

In addition to handling one of the largest assets on the balance sheet i.e. accounts receivable, credit and collections teams also interact with customers on credit policies, past-due A/R, and other contracts. No wonder that the credit function is one of the most challenging in the finance department.

So what skills do senior finance leaders look for in credit and A/R teams while hiring? After performing a text analysis on hundreds of job descriptions, we have an answer.

This webinar explores the five key competencies that best performing credit and A/R teams value.


Key takeaways

  • Drive compliance for everyday tactical work by understanding critical credit and collections laws
  • Standardise collections operations with customer segmentation and dunning strategies
  • Minimise credit risk by creating a credit policy framework that aligns with business growth
  • Leverage reporting and analytics for immediate course-correction and strategic insight
  • Transform credit and A/R processes with Artificial Intelligence


  • Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Marketing and Management, HighRadius Corporation