The Blackhawk Theory

Webinar Details

As a credit and finance professional fighting tooth and nail under the executive mandate to ‘do more with less’ have you ever wondered if you could (1) cut lockbox expenses (2) build cash application operations to process ever-increasing ACH volumes (3) shift resource focus from low-value cash application to other A/R functions?

The lean A/R team at BlackHawk is planning to do exactly that by automating cash application and focusing only on the most critical tasks such as collections and dispute resolution.

In this webinar, join Cindy Scott, Sr. Manager, Billing and A/R at BlackHawk, as she shares her 5-point agenda to control cash application costs, support ever-increasing ACH adoption, speed-up dispute resolution, improve visibility for dunning processes and simplify compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Reduce lockbox remittance capture costs by up to 42% while still achieving zero-touch cash posting for check payments
  • Achieve no-touch cash posting for ACH and other electronic payments with line items ranging from tens to thousands
  • Freeing up resources from the payment reconciliation process for higher value activities including credit and collections
  • Incorporate SOX controls and workflows for A/R processes to ensure audit compliance
  • Reduce deductions backlog through workflows for faster resolution of deductions with hundreds of line-items