AI and Robotic Product Automation in Accounts Receivables

AI and Robotic Product Automation in Accounts Receivables

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About the Video:

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation technologies are generating plenty of excitement in the field of finance with professionals across all hierarchies anticipating their potential impact on finance processes in various ways. As businesses look to adopt RPA and AI with an aim to extract maximum value from them, they need a clear idea of what they mean as disruptive technologies and how they could transform the finance processes to deliver more value.

This webinar intends to educate finance professionals across hierarchies about the finer nuances between both these technologies, explain the impact they could have individually and combined together on accounts receivables processes and explore real world cases where Top Fortune-1000 firms have successfully implemented these technologies to transform their processes and achieve stellar results.


Kiran Bikash Rana ,Director, Solution Engineering at HighRadius