An Integrated Receivables Approach to an A/R RFP:Deliver Projects to Create Quick Wins and Long-Term Impact

3 Steps in Credit Management to Reduce Bad-Debt by 30% and Support Growth

About the Video:

Are you part of the more than 40% credit and A/R leaders who are looking for automation technology as means to reduce operating costs and improve productivity? Often, finance leaders look at automation in silos, ignoring the underlying challenges created as a result of disconnected credit and A/R processes.

Moreover, ad hoc deployment of technology across processes results in poor coordination for teams across credit-to-cash and severely diminished managerial visibility.

The basics of creating and evaluating RFPs remain grounded in value and cost. However, an integrated approach towards receivables technology ensures that deployed technology is able to impact an individual process, create a win-win for other parts of the function and improve end-to-end visibility.


Matt Skudera, Vice President, Research and Education, Credit Research Foundation

Cattie Horan, Account Executive, HighRadius