Access the A/R Shared Services ROI presentation

Credit and Accounts Receivable processes in Shared Service Centers (SSCs) across the world are being swept by a sea of change, driven by the advent of Robotic Process automation (RPA) and Integrated Receivables (IR). Surveys by global agencies have revealed that although transactional processes are predominant at SSCs today, knowledge based processes have doubled or in some cases tripled since 2013. Robotic Process Automation is at the heart of all these fundamental changes by slashing the effort invested in routine tasks and allowing human judgement to focus on more critical processes.

Along with RPA, cloud computing is the other technology which is instrumental in integrating all the disconnected Credit and AR processes. Current SSC operations are characterised one SSC running multiple modules in Order to Cash cycle and serving geographically scattered teams and Business Units which are using dissimilar systems and technologies. This results in disconnected teams which are wasting valuable time into coordination and also offers poor visibility of the overall process flow. Real time decisions making is crippled due to siloed information and process improvements are delayed in the absence of a thorough holistic picture.

This webinar explores an excellence framework which uses technology as the foundation to integrate the different receivables processes and eliminate the redundant tasks. It explores how the various challenges plaguing the SSCs could be addressed using technology and explores through real world examples, the benefits of adopting technology and migrating to a more visible, controllable and critical task oriented process