Best of SAP: 5 A/R Improvement Tips from SAP Leaders

A recent SAP study revealed that write-offs drop 57% at organizations that automate and integrate their receivables management processes. Even so, most A/R teams continue to struggle with manual, busywork across credit, collections and dispute management that does nothing to contribute to top-level metrics such as DSO, DDO, etc.

A key reason is that technology investments for improving A/R team productivity remain underutilized as teams fail to leverage built-in productivity features which come standard with SAP implementations. Efficient usage of these features is key to unlocking team productivity and reducing bad debt write offs and DSO.

Join us as Jay Tchakarov, VP, Product Management, discusses some lesser known productivity hacks in SAP Receivables Management that will empower your A/R teams to do more with less.

In this webinar you will understand how your AR teams should leverage SAP and:

  • Use workflows to significantly reduce customer onboarding time and scale periodic credit reviews to reduce bad debt
  • Increase dispute resolution speed by automating manual tasks involved in the collection of debit memos and other related documents
  • Streamline collection analysts’ efforts through algorithm-driven prioritized worklists for more efficient collection operations
  • Eliminate manual tasks across AR functions by automating correspondence for collections, disputes and credit
  • Stay on top of the team and each function with closer monitoring of vital credit-to-cash performance metrics

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Time: 1:00pm – 1:30pm CST

Cost: Complimentary


  • Jay Tchakarov, VP, Product Management, HighRadius