Cash Allocation On-demand Webinar : The Framework for a Winning Business Case

It’s challenging to convince top-management to see the value in a cash allocation initiative even if it 'makes life easier for the accounts receivable team.'

39% of A/R projects fail to meet pre-budget expectations and executives discount other benefits of cash allocation automation, focusing instead on the core of the business case – the bottom line numbers.

A/R projects are evaluated on two main areas – cost reduction and cost avoidance.

Join us as we explore an outcomes-based approach to building a realistic ROI model and a winning business case for cash application initiatives.

 In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify reasons why project proposals fail to get executive approval
  • Quantify the facts-based needs and benefits of cash allocation technology
  • Understand the different cost scenarios based on solution choice and deployment technology – including on premise and cloud-based solutions
  • Leverage sensitivity analysis to resolve concerns around validity of assumptions in data