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Collections Cloud

Reduce Past-Due Accounts Receivable by 75%
Improve Collector Productivity by 30%
Automate Account Prioritization and Dunning
Send Timely Proactive Reminders to All Customers

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Collections Cloud

Enhance Cash Flow and Reduce DSO with Proactive Collections Management

HighRadius Collections Cloud solution provides a complete set of tools to optimize and automate the credit and collections management process and enable better prioritization of collections activities.

  • Input: Open A/R, invoices, dispute, POD, and claims information are extracted from ERP
  • Process: Rules and strategies, driven by dynamic parameters and AI-powered customer level insights, are leveraged
  • Output: Real-time prioritized worklist and collections workspace which provides a single-point access to all information

With a prioritized worklist driven by predefined business rules, readily available backup information and automated dunning correspondence, collectors are able to contact more accounts and centrally track collections activities for proactive review and follow-up.

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Prioritized Collections Worklist
Collector Dashboard - Prioritized Collections Worklist

Prioritize collector worklists with configurable collector dashboards and auto-generated summary reports to maximize collector effectiveness and auto-recommend account-level actions based on your collections strategy.

Automated Correspondence
Automated Correspondence

Automate dunning via email, fax, and print and mail with easy-to-create correspondence templates as well as packages to include invoices and account statements.

Notes, Call Logs and Payment Commitments
Notes, Call Logs, and Payment Commitments

Centralize tracking of all call logs, payment commitments, tasks, and correspondence notes for every customer in a single system without having to use spreadsheets, notepads, or post-its.

Dispute Management
Dispute Management

Capture invoice disputes, create and share pre-deduction information, and initiate workflows for dispute resolution and enable easy-integration with deductions management.

Cash Forecasting
Cash Forecasting

Project cash flow based on payment behavior, payment commitments, and collection effectiveness, and gain improved visibility into collections output supported by ready-to-use collections reports and dashboards.

Invoice Payment Status from Customer Portals
Invoice Payment Status from Customer Portals

Pull customer-posted invoice information automatically from customer portals and third-party websites to update the worklist, capture payment commitments, and save the time lost in dunning on paid invoices.

$507 Billion

Total Receivables

$289 Billion

Total Payments

$30 Billion

Total Deductions

Processed Annually via our Integrated Receivables Platform


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