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AI-Based Payment Date Prediction

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how you can automatically prioritize at-risk customer accounts and ensure faster past-due recovery by leveraging AI-based payment date prediction.
  • Additionally, with AI-recommended next-steps and promise to pay analysis, understand how you can customize your collections strategies to recover faster.

Every day, your collectors have to reach out to 100+ customers to recover past dues.

While ‘dialing for dollars’ they end up treating every customer in the same way as they lack real-time visibility into at-risk customer portfolios.

HighRadius Collections Cloud helps your collectors to stay focused on the critical customers with the help of dynamically prioritized worklists.

Collections Cloud leverages AI capabilities to predict when your customers will make their next payment based on their past payment behavior and aging analysis.

AI-based Collections Cloud enables your collectors to proactively analyze whether customers will honor their upcoming payment commitment or not based on their historical promise to pay trends.

Additionally, with AI-recommended next steps, your collectors can customize their dunning strategy for at-risk customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover my past-dues faster?

With HighRadius Collections Software, you can enable 75% faster past-due recovery by staying on top of your high-risk customers through AI-based dynamic customer segmentation and day-to-day automated worklist prioritization. You can further customize your collections strategies with AI-based payment date prediction auto-prioritize at-risk customers and ensure faster past-due recovery.

My Collections Teams are struggling with a lot of manual work. How exactly could Collections Cloud solve this challenge?

HighRadius Collections Software can help to achieve 30% higher collector productivity with touchless dunning and automation. Through automation of manual, repetitive tasks such as creating notes, emails, P2Ps, your collectors can focus on the recovery strategies for critical customers while automating the collection process for low-risk customers.

Does Collections Cloud enable the functionality to collaborate with other
A/R departments?

HighRadius Collections Cloud mitigates the challenge of integrating with other A/R teams with the help of centralized dashboards enabled with cross-team analytics and reporting features. Additionally, with Collection Agency Data Exchange (CADE), your in-house collectors can establish a seamless collaboration with third-party agencies for outsourced collections by automating the process of data exchange.

Can I configure Collections Cloud to handle different correspondence templates in multiple languages?

HighRadius Collections Cloud-based Software is highly configurable. Based on your business requirements, Collections Software enables you to send the correspondences in the language based on the user’s selection while generating the ready-to-use dunning templates. You can also add, edit or update the templates based on your requirements.

HighRadius Collections Software helps Order-to-Cash teams to preserve cash by reducing DSO. Collections Cloud leverages AI to ensure dynamic prioritization of customers every day – this way, your collectors can identify the at-risk customers and automate the dunning process for low-risk customers, therefore improving collector efficiency. Additionally, Collections Cloud aggregates all your collections data into a single dashboard for centralized tracking of all your collections activities along with dispute management and cash forecasting functionalities.