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Automated Capture of Backup Documents

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how HighRadius Deductions Cloud can eliminate the need for manual aggregation of claims and backup documentation by leveraging RPA to auto-extract:
    • Claims from emails, paper-based documents, customer portals
    • Proof of deliveries, bill of lading from carrier portals
  • Explore the benefits of Deductions Cloud: Auto-aggregate backup documents across all standard formats and capture line-item level data from claim documents. Deductions Cloud auto-links the backup documents with the individual deductions to reduce overall research time.

Deductions research is time-consuming. Moreover, aggregating backup documents take up a lot of time for your deduction teams.

Every day, deduction analysts have to manually download claims from emails, customer portals, proof of deliveries from carrier portals, and commitment information from trade promotion management systems.

What if your deduction teams could focus solely on resolution? HighRadius Deductions Cloud simplifies overall deductions research by automatically extracting backup documents from various sources.

Deductions Cloud automatically captures:

  • Claims from emails, EDIs, and customer portals such as Amazon, and Walmart.
  • Proof of deliveries and bill of lading documents from carrier portals such as FedEx, and Roadway.
  • Sales invoices and commitments from Trade Promotion Management systems (TPMs).

Your analysts no longer need to go through the manual hassle of aggregating claims, proof of deliveries, and bill of lading. Every backup document is linked to the appropriate deduction so that your teams can solely focus on the resolution.

Your deduction teams can review the backup documents, variance analysis, notes, and correspondence history – all in a single place for faster resolution.

In case of any missing backup documents or any urgent communication with the customer, your deduction teams can quickly reach out to customers through automated emails or automatic web portal integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does HighRadius Deductions Cloud offer claims management software?

HighRadius Deductions Cloud leverages in-built RPA to automatically capture backup documents such as claims, proof of deliveries, bill of lading. Claims are auto-captured at a line-item level from emails, customer portals, paper claims, while proof of deliveries is aggregated from carrier portals. Deductions Cloud automates claims processing by linking claims with their respective deductions.    

How is HighRadius Deductions Management Software different from all other software in the market?

Deductions Cloud leverages Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict invalid deductions to improve the net recovery rate. AI analyzes the past resolution patterns and deduction history to predict the potential invalid deductions. Deductions Cloud helps your deduction teams prioritize high-dollar value and invalid deductions and collaborate with collectors to recover them faster. 

How to reduce Days Deduction Outstanding(DDO)?

Deductions Cloud helps you reduce Days Deduction Outstanding(DDO) by fast-tracking the dispute resolution. With Deductions Cloud Software, your analysts can automatically capture claims and backup documents without any manual intervention. Deductions Cloud automates the overall deductions research to fast-track the resolution of deductions and reduces the DDO.  

How to resolve invoice-level disputes faster?

With Deductions Cloud, your deduction teams can work on research-ready deductions. For instance, Deductions Cloud Software auto-aggregates backup documents and links them to their respective deductions. This way, your analysts only need to review the deductions research and choose a deduction resolution method. 

HighRadius Deductions Cloud Software enables your deduction teams to resolve deductions faster and reduce the overall Days Deductions Outstanding(DDO). Deductions Cloud eliminates the manual aggregation of backup documents such as claims, proof of deliveries and automates the deductions research for trade and non-trade deductions. This way, your analysts can dedicate more time towards resolution of deductions. AI-powered Deductions Cloud predicts the potential invalid disputes so that your analysts can focus more on the recovery of high dollar value invalid deductions. With collaborative electronic workflows and automated correspondence, Deductions Cloud simplifies complex collaboration across internal and external stakeholders.