What's Inside?

  1. Templates for monthly/annual calculation of DSO
  2. Industry-based average and Best Possible DSO(BSO) insights
  3. Effective trend report suggesting the collections effectiveness in A/R
  4. Average savings calculation based on DSO reduction
  5. 13 tried and tested tips to reduce DSO

Calculate your DSO using this excel template in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the excel template
  2. Fill out the basic information required within 5 mins
  3. Check out the results
  4. Improve DSO with strategies implemented by Fortune 500 countries

This excel-based DSO calculator not only makes calculation easy but provides information regarding where you stand with respect to your industry. Download, calculate your DSO, and figure out your action plan to reduce DSO and improve cash flow. 
Get access to 13 proven strategies to reduce DSO used by Fortune 500 companies.

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