20 January 2022

LIVE Talk Show

New Year Special Event

Atradius in partnership with HighRadius invites you to be part of a one of a kind talk show “Accelerate A/R results by leveraging data-driven decisions!” on 20th January at 16.30 pm CET.

Start the New Year 2022 by joining the session as our guest's deep dive into the advantages of ‘using data correctly. The discussions will give you new insight when you are making your real-time (data-driven) credit decisions and proactive customer segmentation; this to ensure frictionless billing and payments globally.

Today, a majority of order to cash (O2C) leaders are struggling with a massive amount of transaction data. This data is everywhere but it is often difficult to leverage the data to derive valuable insights.

At a time when considerable efforts go into collections and payment-related tasks, it becomes imperative that O2C leaders efficiently utilize the data at their disposal. Mastering this data will make you achieve your targets and goals. It can also guide participating parties, along the entire OTC end-to-end process, towards a combined customer strategy. On the other hand, failing to understand your data will leave out an enormous competitive advantage, leading to inefficient O2C processes and unsatisfied customers.

The session will cover the ‘urgent’ need for data coaching in credit management. In addition, it will give you new and interesting insights when you are sailing through the current data and liquidity storms. All to make sure that you are able to make well-informed, effective and efficient decisions (based on the right set of data).

Key Takeaways:

  • How can O2C leaders create the required data set to enable real-time credit risk monitoring?
  • How will AI and machine learning drive us into a more pro-active and predictive AR management approach?
  • How can the use of technology and data guide you to make better-informed credit and collections decisions while ensuring smooth data flow at every touchpoint?


16:30 PM CET
October 10-13, 2022

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