Integrated Receivables For Financial Institutions

Consumer E-Lockbox

  • Straight-through consumer bill payment and reconciliation

Solution Overview

  • Automatically interfaces between clients and bill service providers for straight-through consumer bill payment consolidation and reconciliation for clients
  • Provides a consolidated view of bill payments, validates account numbers, matches cross-references, reversals and rejections within bank-powered Consumer E-Lockbox
  • Saves bank resources and time, eliminates the risk of inaccurate payment consolidation and improves client experience
  • Automates the end-to-end consolidation of payment information from multiple bill service providers while reconciling client inputs to deliver a single output file

Key Features

Online Credit Application
One-Stop Payment Processing

Processes payments from B2B receivables payment channels including checks, deposits, ACH, wire transfers and cards in addition to consumer bill payments

Credit agency integration
Straight-Through Bill Payment Reconciliation

Reconciles company and account-level instructions with automated payment information from multiple bill payment sources, achieving straight-through processing at a customer account-level

Credit Scoring and Credit Limit Automation
Bill Service Provider Compatibility

Future-aligned with forward compatibility with new bill service providers and payment file formats

Credit Management Workflows
Consolidated Consumer Bill Payment Viewing

Eliminates need to switch through multiple bill service provider interfaces for bill payment capture and processing

Bank and Trade Reference Check
One-Click Reversal and Rejection

Handles payment exceptions and processes instructions to initiate payment rejections or reversals through an advanced, online-interface

Bank and Trade Reference Check
Bank-Branded Portal

Allows client access of consolidated payment information and exception handling workflows through bank-branded online portal

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