Global Credit Technology Selection and Implementation Tips

Global Credit Technology Selection and Implementation Tips

About The Webinar

Join Scott Tillesen, former Vice President of Credit for the Americas at Tech Data and currently Speaker, Trainer, Consultant in the field of Accounts Receivable as he elaborates in detail his learnings from rolling out a credit transformation projects on a global scale by leveraging latest in automation technology. Scott takes you through the four essential steps of process improvement using technology which could be applied to any process by managers eyeing transformation on both a global or local scale. In this webinar, he would start by unveiling a standard framework which could be used to evaluate the maturity and suitability of a business process for upgradation, the methods to shortlisting the technological requirements and sourcing vendors, creating a solid proposal which could win you the elusive executive nod for resource allocation to your vision and finally the key factors essential to ensure smooth implementation and process success.

Key takeaways

  • A framework for prioritising processes for a technological upgradation.
  • Methods to source technologies that match your process requirements.
  • Secrets to mastering the art of securing executive approval for your project
  • Tips and Tricks of a global scale implementation and successful change management


  • Scott Tillesen, Credit and AR Expert, Speaker and Consultant, Former VP of Credit,
    Tech Data