Modernize Receivables

HighRadius modernizes receivables management operations with a suite of state of the art cloud-based solutions that automate the manual tasks associated with credit, cash application, deductions, and collections. The result? Your customers are satisfied, your team does more, your metrics improve, and credit & cash flow faster.

Choose the entire suite or just the solutions you need. Implementation is quick and integration with your ERP or A/R system places little demand on corporate IT resources. The solutions are cost effective and offered for a monthly subscription with minimal setup expense.

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Maximize Value

HighRadius maximizes the value you get from your SAP Receivables Management (FSCM) investment. We provide proven, SAP- certified solutions and specialized expertise to some of the world’s most recognizable brand names.

If your company runs SAP, the simplest solution to run your receivables operations is SAP Receivables Management (FSCM). Read on to understand why our certified accelerators and related services also make this your most effective option, eliminating costly and difficult integrations to connect your operations to the enterprise.

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