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The HighRadius Dispute & Collections Accelerator for SAP addresses challenges involved in resolving disputes and recovering invalid deductions by providing easy, real-time access to required data from various SAP modules, a collaboration platform for managing input from cross-departmental stakeholders, and pre-configured workflows. Each user has specific tasks to perform as instructed by the system, standardizing and enforcing processes that are based on best practices, not individual habits. The solution includes out-of-the-box templates for processes such as full invoice shortage, pricing, returns and shortages. Managers can monitor real-time performance and proactively manage bottlenecks. The result is increased efficiency and productivity and a reduction in open deductions and write-offs and improved DSO.

The accelerator is certified by SAP and built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform in ABAP code. This provides real-time data integration and lower total cost of ownership than point solutions that are not native to SAP.

  • Automated dispute resolution workflow templates driven by reason code/category.
  • Rules-based routing of disputes to pre-defined users and roles in all departments involved in the dispute process, such as sales and logistics.
  • Auto-capture of backup, such as proofs of delivery and debit memos from carrier and customer websites, and attachment to record in SAP.
  • Research automation algorithms related to shortages, pricing variance, returns, etc.
  • Hierarchical approval workflow for credit memos and write-offs.
  • Credit-debit matching engine based on customer mass-matching rules.
  • Cash collections forecasting based on payment behavior.
  • Free-up 30% of analyst time by automating clerical activities such as POD retrieval, debit memo retrieval, credit debit matching and approval workflows.
  • Increase deduction recovery by 10% by reducing resolution cycle-time via electronic workflows and reduced write-off levels.
  • Improve audit compliance by maintaining a complete audit trail of all activity and information enabled by electronic workflows.
  • Lower Total Cost of IT Ownership (TCO) since the solution can be installed in existing SAP landscape eliminating the need for additional hardware and a product-specific support team.

Dispute & Collections Accelerator

HighRadius Dispute & Collections Accelerator for SAP significantly improves automation and receivables performance by enabling process standardization and the enforcement of best practices with robust, pre-configured workflows for handling customer deductions and invoice disputes. Built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform, the HighRadius solution leverages and extends the functionality of SAP ERP and Dispute & Collections Management.

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