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Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Cash Application Cloud

RDC and Mobile Payments

Make check payments directly from office/agents via RDC scanner or mobile app


Straight-through cash posting with a hit-rate of 95%

Capture check payments and remittance accurately with the Artificial Intelligence-enabled aggregation engine and post them directly to the ERP same day it's received

High feasibility for SMBs due to low costs

Achieve high cost savings by eliminating costs associated with lockbox services, transportation, and manual handling

Seamless integration and compatibility across RDC scanners

Use with any of the most popular RDC scanners available on the market, including the one on your desk

Increased e-payment adoption with mobile payments

Enable field agents go to their customers and collect check, ACH, and card payments with their mobile devices, processing payments in real-time.

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Five simple steps to process RDC and Mobile Payments

Step 1

Scan high volume checks and remittances in one go as well as processing ACH and card payments

RDC scans upto 100 checks and remittances together in one batch and Mobile Payments app accepts checks, ACH and card payments at the time of delivery

Step 2

Capture data from scanned images

Capture data with high accuracy and precision with inbuilt Magnetic strip based MICR capture and
AI-enabled OCR capture.

Step 3

Post payments directly to the bank

With the scanned data, create an enriched electronic file consisting of the payment details for remote transmission to banks as well as for internal cash application.

Step 4

Match payments with open invoices

Link electronic index file of the payments with the scanned remittance information and then match it with open A/R invoice details pulled from the supplier’s ERP system

Step 5

Post cash directly to your ERP

Generate enriched files in formats that are compatible with any ERP including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor, Sage and other legacy systems and post cash directly to the system, eliminating time and productivity loss in manually changing file formats.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us


The cash application team at Johnsonville Sausage reduced the time spent in cash posting from 40 hours to 17 hours with 80% of the dollars applied without any manual intervention.


The Starbucks' cash application team achieved an 80% reduction in manual effort by automating remittance aggregation and payment reconciliation.

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