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Deductions Cloud

Automatic Trade Promotion Settlement

Save analysts' time by auto-resolving all trade deductions while seamlessly integrating with your TPM systems including Vistex, SAP, and Accenture CAS.


Straight-through elimination of 50% of deductions from your workist

Re-allocate resources to work on non-trade deductions, credit management, or collections while the majority of your trade deductions are automatically settled.

Seamless integration with your Trade Promotion Management system

Recover the manual effort previously required to extract information from the commonly used TPM systems such as Vistex, SAP, and Accenture CAS.

Faster resolution with a single-source-of-truth to all stakeholders

Eliminate the need to toggle between ERPs, TPM systems, and deduction management systems by proactively making all the information available in one stop.

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Five steps to automate trade promotion deductions settlement

Step 1

Capture line-item Information from customer claim documents

The solution automatically captures deduction line-item information that consists of product or SKU level data from customers' claim documents while maintaining a repository of these documents.

Step 2

Cross-reference item numbers for verification

Item numbers are cross-referenced and verified while the system identifies the accurate product category based on the SKU level information aggregated from the claim document.

Step 3

Roll up line items to the right product hierarchy/product category

The solution automatically groups line items based on the product category identified from SKU data with the resolution amount rolled up accordingly.

Step 4

Match deduction line items with trade promotion programs

The grouped deduction line-items are automatically matched with corresponding trade-promotion programs aggregated from the TPM systems based on predefined configuration.

Step 5

Resolve upon analyst approval or automatically based on requirement

The deduction can be resolved by the initial analyst, another analyst assigned to the task, or automatically based on predefined rules.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

ROI on Automation

McCormick's deduction team was able to successfully automate 164,000 deductions a year, out of which 80% were trade deductions.


The deductions team at Hormel handling trade deductions were able to reduce their average time to resolve a deduction by 44%, going all the way from sixteen days before to just nine now.

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