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Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Deductions Cloud

Structured Deduction Resolution, Collaboration, and Approval Workflows

Speed-up deduction resolution with customizable workflows for streamlined research and faster approval from internal and external stakeholders across A/R, sales, customer service, and broker teams.


Better process visibility and accountability with centralized repository

With multiple internal stakeholders (sales, logistics, and others) as well as external stakeholders (such as customers and vendors) involved, a centralized repository of notes and previous communication ensures better visibility and accountability.

Structured coordination to handle increasing deductions volume

Employ easy assignment, access, and approval methods to help teams organize their activities, prioritize cases, and communicate the resolution rapidly in order to manage the increasing volume of deductions.

Faster deduction resolution enabled by configurable multi-tier approval workflow

Enable multi-tier approval workflow based on business requirements to streamline deduction processing and reduce DDO while boosting the coverage and recovery for more deductions.

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Five step process to streamline deduction resolution using structured workflows

Step 1

Auto-assign deductions to a deduction analyst

Solution automatically assigns deductions to different analysts based on predefined rules that can be configured based on business requirement.

Step 2

Prioritize deductions automatically in analysts' worklists

Deductions in each analyst's worklist are prioritized based on predefined rules which are customized during set-up and can be updated later based on business requirements.

Step 3

Follow pre-defined delegation of authority or ad-hoc approval as part of workflow

Based on predefined rules, deductions can be automatically routed through different teams depending on the type of deduction. Analyst are also able to forward deductions to a specified person if they need ad-hoc approval.

Step 4

Attach documents and receive automatic alert notifications

Solution provides each analyst with the ability to upload documents which are then stored in a centralized repository. It also automatically sends alert notifications to the assigned analyst if major attributes of the deduction are changed.

Step 5

Resolve the deductions by selecting the right option

Analysts can easily resolve deductions by choosing from a drop down menu that is configured based on business requirements.

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The deductions team at BlackHawk Networks were able to reduce their 90+ past due open deductions by 96% within one year.


Reckitt Benckiser's deduction team was able to reduce their average days to resolve deductions by 77%.

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