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Integrated Receivables Platform For Banks

Deductions Cloud

HighRadius Deductions Cloud enables a proactive deduction management operation. The solution streamlines processing, shortens resolution cycle time, reduces processing costs, and increases recovery rates on invalid deductions. A cloud-based solution available as Software-as-a-Service, Deductions Cloud is easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

Deductions Cloud

HighRadius Deductions Cloud provides automation, process standardization, and a platform for cross-departmental and customer collaboration. The solution provides the most robust automation engine available to capture deduction data from customers and supply the information required for resolution. Backup documentation, such as and Proofs of Delivery (PODs), Bills of Lading (BOLs), are captured automatically and linked to the corresponding deductions to reduce manual research. Corresponding trade promotions are also identified and suggested for settlement. Workflow and automated correspondence engines streamline communication and the approvals process. The result is a proactive deduction management operation that recovers revenue normally lost to invalid deductions.


  • Deduction Resolution Workflows ensure consistent processing and enable automated cross-departmental collaboration and resolution
  • Trade Promotion Settlement provides a centralized system to maintain, match, and resolve deduction line items (SKU-level) against trade promotions
  • Claims & POD Automation Engine aggregates and collects information such as Proofs of Delivery (PODs) from carrier websites and claims/debit memos/deal sheets from customer portals, websites, and emails
  • Correspondence Automation generates and distributes denial correspondence to customers based on account and deduction status and attaches supporting documentation per individual customer requirements


  • Add disputed deduction dollars back to the bottom-line
    Companies are able to improve deduction recovery rates by more than 10%, directly contributing to margins
  • Improve resource productivity by 20-40%
    Automation of manual activities including deduction coding and backup aggregation means that analysts are now able to focus on high-impact tasks such as research and analysis
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster resolution
    Companies are able to reduce Days Deductions Outstanding (DDO) by 30% as a result of shorter cycle times from deduction identification to resolution
  • Eliminate disruption to existing IT landscape
    The "pay-as-you-use" SaaS solution with a monthly subscription fee ensures zero upfront capital expenditure and negligible internal IT involvement


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