Are You Struggling to
Optimize Working Capital & Forecast Cash Flows?

Do these sound familiar?

  • Lack of visibility into portfolio credit risk
  • Higher DSO due to customer’s uncertain payment behavior
  • Low analyst productivity due to manual A/R tasks
  • Inaccurate and delayed cash forecasts

200+ A/R & Treasury leaders were struggling too, that’s why we created the perfect solution for you


Put Your A/R and Treasury Processes on Auto-Pilot

Optimize working capital and accurately forecast cash by digitally transforming your order-to-cash and treasury processes.

Automated Receivables & Treasury
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Use AI-powered automation to gain insights and increase efficiency of your order-to-cash and treasury systems.

What are the benefits?

With HighRadius AR and Treasury solutions, you’ll get…

Faster Receivables Conversion with Connected A/R Processes

Connect credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions, and collections into a single business process.

Real-Time Visibility Across A/R Processes Globally

Enable a single real-time, global-view of your customer portfolios, cash positions, bad debt reserves and productivity metrics.

End-to-End Process Automation

Reduce manual work by automating the day-to-day analyst operations and clerical tasks to improve the overall O2C process health.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automated forecasting and positioning eliminates manual work & scope of errors allowing teams to proactively identify and plan for daily and weekly cash requirements.

Improved Global Visibility

Centrally consolidated forecasts with a single dashboard view of your cash across all banks, regions, companies, and currencies improve cash repatriation, pooling, and hedging over the short and long-term.

Increased Accuracy

Utilizing and processing more data increases the accuracy of forecasts resulting in better liquidity & debt management.

Better Decision-Making

Automated reports with detailed information into future trends and global cash visibility provides users with the adequate information and time to make the right investment and funding decisions.

HighRadius is trusted by the largest companies in the world to help them streamline their AR and Treasury systems.

We’ve helped over 200 global 2000 companies transform their processes and we can help you too!

Customers Image

The results speak for themselves…

“We started seeing immediate results upon implementation: 100%+ efficiency gain.”

Marinko Marijolovic
Marinko Marijolovic

Director Corporate Credit Services, ShurTech

“We have seen costs decline by $2.5M while volume, quality and productivity increased.”

Coleen Zdrojewski
Colleen Zdrojewski

Vice President – Financial Services, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

“We have been able to process our orders from booking to release within four hours.”

paul heard
Paul Heard

Former Digital Transformation Leader and Head of EnterpriseArchitecture Micro Focus

What do you think you’ll say after trying HighRadius?


Product Features

Integrated Receivables

Reduce DSO and bad debt with world’s only AI-powered Receivables Automation Platform. Connect credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions, and collections into a single business process to build a high-performance culture for your O2C teams.

Credit Cloud

Onboard customers 5X faster & mitigate risk with real-time credit risk visibility over your customer portfolios. Also, get comprehensive workflows to manage your global portfolios.

Automated Real Time Credit Risk Visibility

EIPP Cloud

Enable frictionless billing & payments globally through auto-invoice delivery and self-service payment portals for seamless buyer-supplier network.

Frictionless Billing & Payments

Cash Application

Enable 95% straight-through, same day cash application and 100% savings in lockbox data capture fees with HighRadius Cash Application Cloud-Based Solution.

HighRadius Cash Application Cloud-Based Solution

Deductions Cloud

With the aid of Deductions Cloud, resolve disputes faster and proactively identify the invalid deductions to recover from them. Therefore, reduce Days Deduction Outstanding (DDO) and improve your net recovery rate.

Reduce DDO & improve your net recovery rate

Collections Cloud

Reduce DSO, bad debt and stabilize cash flows with AI-based proactive collections. Also, recover your past-dues faster while ensuring better customer experience with the help of Collections Cloud.

Reduce DSO, bad debt & stabilize cash flows

Product Features

Treasury Solutions

HighRadius® Treasury applications help teams achieve touch-less cash management and automated, accurate cash forecasting. Powered by the Rivana™ Artificial Intelligence Engine purpose-built for finance and the Freeda™ Digital Assistant, HighRadius enables teams to leverage machine learning to predict future outcomes and automate routine, labor-intensive tasks.

Cash forecasting software with end-to-end automation

Cash Forecasting

An advanced cash forecasting software with end-to-end automation enabling treasuries to predict future cash accurately, analyze variances, and report with detailed insights. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), companies of all sizes and industries can start forecasting with the easy-to-use and intuitive spreadsheet UI on any device with no additional training or IT resource.

Highradius Cash Management Cloud Based Solution

Cash Management

The Cash Management cloud integrates with your bank accounts across the globe to give you a centralized view of your real-time, end-of-day and end-of-week cash positions across multiple cash categories, companies, bank accounts, regions, and currencies.


Our Automation Processes Have Helped Hundreds of Companies Like Yours


An Automation Prescription for Straight-Through Cash Application

HighRadius’ automated treasury processes helped Johnson & Johnson achieve a 95%+ cash application hit-rate and process ~800,000 remittance lines annually.

“Experienced, organized, and professional Project Team with dedicated and knowledgeable resources and a strong commitment to timelines.”

Sandra Roth

Manager Trade Financial Management

“It allows upper management to have a better pulse on what is going on in the organization.”

George Uko

Manager Credit and Collections


20% Reduction in Bad Debt

HighRadius helped a team of 7 collectors struggling with 1,000s of accounts individually automate their processes to achieve 27% reduction in past dues, 5-6 days reduction in DSO, and 8% reduction in 60+ days aging bucket.

What could your life be like with HighRadius on your side?

Lack of visibility into process and analyst-level metrics for order-to-cash teams.Single-view real-time global executive dashboard to analyze A/R metrics and KPIs.
Day-to-day A/R and Treasury operations involve a lot of manual intervention susceptible to human errors.End-to-end automation platform to connect various A/R processes and ensure real-time data flow across the processes to drive data-driven decisions.
Inflexible legacy or in-house systems leading to challenges while trying to improve business A/R functions.Cloud-based solutions to handle maintenance and up-gradation seamlessly with operational scalability in communications, bandwidth, hardware, etc.
Low forecast accuracy across categories with no scope for improvement.Up to 95% accuracy across all cash flow categories.

“It’s a one-stop-shop. HighRadius helps manage credit, collections, disputes and also cash application.”

Gunther Smets

GPO, Order to Cash



How do we determine the right plan for you?

HighRadius is a Fintech enterprise SaaS business that offers subscription-based pricing allowing you to pay-as-you-go making it completely unique and adaptable. It tailors itself to the needs of large global enterprises with multiple business units, as well as comes in very handy for the mid- sized companies with a simpler IT landscape.

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