New Product Launches 2018

Collections Cloud: AI-Edition

Collections Cloud: AI-Edition

Predict invoice payment dates for proactive collections
Collection analysts are able to predict payment date using the Rivana Artificial Intelligence platform. The machine learning algorithm has already been trained with more than a billion dollars in real-world collections data. Credit and collections teams could now use predicted payment dates to build smarter collections worklists and proactive collections strategies.
Collections Cloud: AI-Edition
Deduction Cloud: AI-Edition

Deductions Cloud: AI-Edition

Predict deduction validity and improve the bottom-line
Deductions Cloud AI Edition will leverage the Rivana machine learning platform to predict the validity of deductions and customer claims. The machine learning algorithm has been trained on more than $30B of deductions from real-world A/R data. Leveraging this prediction, A/R analysts would be able to focus on high-probability invalid deductions, eliminate time wasted on high-probability valid deductions and save write-offs of unresolved invalid deductions – thereby improving net recovery rate and reducing DDO.

What is Rivana?

HighRadius Rivana Artificial Intelligence Platform is currently built on a dozen machine learning algorithms to continuously learn and provide insights on all possible credit and A/R prediction scenarios including use-cases such as invoice payment dates, validation of deductions and predict customer default.

FREDATM– Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

AI enabled virtual assistant for the entire credit-to-cash team
Freda, the A/R virtual assistant, answers more than 5,000 new inquiries on receivables management and analytics in a simple, easy-to-use chat interface. Freda is able to respond to questions around customer or A/R related information and is also able to provide single-click access to reports and dashboards. Any information that your team needs including a customer’s open A/R or the Average Days Delinquent(ADD) across various customer segments is just a chat away with Freda!

RadiusOneTM Mobile App


RadiusOneTM Mobile Analytics

Mobile app for real-time visibility into credit and A/R metrics
With the RadiusOneTM mobile app, finance executives could stay on top of key KPIs including DSO and Bad-Debt Write-offs and be more nimble with decision making. The RadiusOneTM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

RadiusOneTM Mobile Payments

Collect open A/R on the go
The RadiusOneTM mobile app allows field personnel and sales reps to remotely capture customer payments through check images or input ACH and card payments for instant confirmation and straight-through A/R reconciliation. The RadiusOneTM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

What is radiusOne?

The HighRadius radiusOne™ Network is the world’s first network that enables digital collaboration between supplier A/R processes and buyer A/P processes. While credit-to-cash technology provides process level automation, the radiusOne™ Network focuses on filling the gaps in supplier-buyer collaboration created by standalone technology. Built on top of the HighRadius Integrated Receivables platform for credit-to-cash, radiusOne™ closes gaps in collaboration between buyers and suppliers for processes across credit, billing, collections, payment processing, and dispute resolution.

Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Integrated Receivables

What is Integrated Receivables?

Integrated Receivables optimizes accounts receivable operations by combining all receivable and payment modules into a unified business process. The Integrated Receivables platform provides solutions for credit, collections, deductions, cash application, electronic billing, and payment processing – covering the entire gamut from credit-to-cash.
The HighRadiusTM Integrated Receivables platform stands out by enabling real-time execution of every credit and A/R operation from a unified platform with an end goal of lower DSO, reduced bad-debt, and faster dispute resolution while improving efficiency and accuracy of cash application, billing, and payment processing.