Radiance – HighRadius Annual User Conference 2018

Title and Speakers

Cleaning House: How Reckitt Benckiser Eliminated Waste from Processing $15B of Receivables
Roberto Rettore, Trade Investment Director

Why You Are Not Ready for the Future of Credit-to-Cash and Artificial Intelligence
Sashi Narahari,President & Chief Executive Officer

Customer-Driven: Cargill’s Journey to Manage Credit Risk, Reduce Receivables and Improve Working Capital
Gunther Smets, Global Credit to Cash Process Manager
Jason Ashley-Grochowski, Senior Business Application Analyst

What Does Digital Transformation Look Like? Disrupting Customer-to-Cash in 2018
Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal, Finance Advisory Services

What the Buzz! Real World Application of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Virtual Assistants Across Credit-to-Cash
Jay Tchakarov, VP, Product Management and Marketing, HighRadius
Kush Kumar, Director, Solution Engineering

Reinvent Deductions Management: Learn How P&G, One of the Largest CPG Manufacturers, is Fundamentally Transforming the Deductions Management Function with Artificial Intelligence
Tony Saldanha, VP, Global Business Services
Frankie McKeown, Senior IT Manager

How Artificial Intelligence, APIs and Blockchain are Transforming Transaction Banking and What That Means for Tomorrow’s Accounts Receivable Teams
Jeff Pauly, Director, Product Solutions

Still Dialing for Dollars? Implementing Effective Collections Strategies Driven by AI Algorithms
Marinko Marijolovic, Director, Corporate Credit Services

Workshop: My A/R Solution is Finally Implemented – OMG – Now What? Charting the Road for Post-Automation Success
Mike Pettyjohn, Director, Customer Financial Services, Danone
Kim Erickson, Owner/Principal, Optimize Consulting

Full-Throttle: Land N Sea Distributing Company Turbocharges the Credit Operations Engine for 15,000 Customers
Paul Watters, Director Worldwide Credit & Treasury

In Good Shape: The adidas Regimen for Running a Best-in-Class A/R Department
Tracie Duncan, Senior Director of Credit, AR, and Collections
Chris Land, Senior Business Analyst

Master the Payments Mix: How A/R Could Reduce the Cost to Serve Customers and Improve Profitability on Every Transaction
Rob Unger, Senior Director Product Management & Strategic Initiatives

Bringing Home the Bacon: Hormel’s Recipe to Reduce DDO by 30% in the Face of a 57% Increase in New Deductions
Roger Anderson, Supervisor Support Services

Looks like a Job for A/R: How Express Employment Achieved Same-Day Payment Posting with 85% Automation for Check and ACH Payment
Angela Richards, Accounts Receivable Director

Writing the Chapter on Success: How EBSCO Is Turning Cash Application Drama into a Dollar-Saving Fairytale
Carolyn Etress, Director of Accounts Receivable

How Huntsman Automated Credit-to-cash with SAP Receivables Management Enriched with Integrated Receivables Automation Across 5 Business Units and 4 SAP Instances
Molly Pryor, Assistant Treasurer