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February 21, 2023


Join us for the first-ever CFO Circle LIVE to interact with your peers and exchange perspectives on emerging technology trends and challenges


What to expect at the Mid-Market CFO Circle?

The CFO Circle brings together experts who strategize for CFO offices to help achieve digital transformation and overcome pressing business challenges.


Access expert ideas, opinions, and predictions for AR automation from practicing CFOs/CXOs


On Receivables Townhall, a panel of product experts and leaders talk about industry best practices, and preconceptions to help teams overcome challenges at the CFOs Office

Treasury Tuesdays

A binge-worthy mini webinar series featuring tips and insights for corporate treasury leaders & professionals by Treasury practitioners, consultants, and solution experts.

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Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center

Get access to a Knowledge Center for O2C/AR management for mid-market organizations

Radiance on the Road

Radiance on the Road

Meet in person with the O2C and Treasury experts from across the country. Network, learn and unwind in an exciting setting.

FinTech Advocacy Network

FinTech Advocacy Network

A community of finance professionals in credit, AR and treasury focused on education, guidance and support

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