Reinventing the OTC Process for Shared Services


As an organisation expands, it is the Order to Cash process which assumes the most importance since it directly impacts Accounts receivable which is one the biggest assets on your balance sheet and which directly controls the inflow of cash which is essential to drive growth.

So, how do you plan to scale up the Order to Cash process in order to ably support the demands of a growing organisation?

The answer lies in robotics. Using artificial intelligence-based integrated receivables technology, Shared Service Leaders from top Fortune-1000 organisations are able to:

  • Automate the entire spectrum of Order-to-Cash processes and eliminate bottlenecks due to manual, clerical tasks
  • Standardize the process across multiple geographies and market segments
  • Achieve in-depth visibility into process performance and compliance
  • Improve process agility to accommodate changing business needs
  • Improve operational focus to deliver on the Shared Service Center’s SLAs
  • Enhance collaboration with both internal and external teams

Join us for the Learning Lab where we discuss the best practices followed by Shared Service Leaders and Finance Heads from Danone, Cargill, Air Products and many other leading organisations across different industries.

Presenter: Gwyn Roberts, VP-EMEA, HighRadius UK