Reporting Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to track and report DSO in MS D365?

Overview of Day Sales Outstanding in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Overview of Day Sales Outstanding in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Key Takeaways

  • Get an Overview of day sales outstanding in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Learn to configure start date for DSO in MS Dynamics 365
  • Insights from a case study on DSO Calculation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Course Description

Day Sales Outstanding calculation is a very simple process, isn’t it? But do you think tracking it on a daily basis is easy? When you have a huge customer base, chances are that you may miss out on some of them.
Hence, tracking DSO using a manual process can cause delays in collecting payments from your customers. Moreover, it can also lead to the need to borrow funds to keep your business going due to poor cash flow as a result of outstanding receivables.

The solution is for collectors to ensure regular and accurate DSO calculation to track customer payments and regulate cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you a tool that can help you calculate the DSO of your customer in just a few clicks.

Also, this tool helps you to keep a track of all your customers on a day-to-day basis from whichever start date you want. Leverage this course to get an in-detailed understanding of how to configure your customers’ DSOs by selecting your own start date.

Powered by Highako University (the world’s first and only free online training platform for order-to-cash professionals) this training series has been specially designed to help you get insights about ways to configure customer accounts with the help of the illustrated example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this series?

In today’s dynamic world, businesses not only have to manage their cash flow with ease but also fulfil customer demands without compromising on cost while struggling to remain competitive. Accounts receivable management is one of the functions that helps with cash flow management. This complimentary training series has a compilation of courses specially designed for mid-sized businesses to deal with finance-related challenges.

This training series Powered by Highako University (the world’s first and only free online training platform for order-to-cash professionals) helps CFOs, order-to-cash leaders, and professionals to streamline pivotal business operations, activities, and reporting across finance processes. It covers accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash forecasting, and budgeting.

Why should you take this course?

This course is designed for finance professionals to proactively plan, record, manage, and report key business operations daily. Trusted by 9000+ Order to Cash Professionals, these training sessions will allow businesses to:

  • Mitigate risk and propel revenue growth
  • Reduce manual effort and improve team productivity
  • Improve process efficiency with real-time visibility into key business metrics

What skills will you learn?

Effective collections
Deductions Management
Creating and Analysis of Customer Aging Report
Deductions Management
DSO Calculation
Maintaining Customer Information
Configuring credit, Collections and Payment Defaults
Credit Risk Scoring
Credit Risk Classification
Collection Emails and Letters
Collections Prioritization
KPIs and Reporting