Banks 2020: Partnering with Treasury & Receivables Leaders for Digital Transformation


Rodney Gardner

Head of Global Receivables In Global Transaction Services,
Bank Of America

Preeti Chaturvedi

Director, Global Head of Receivables,

Aaron Bach

Vice President,
Commerce Bank

Eileen Dignen

Head of Product Strategy,


[0:00] Anchor: Our topic today we have a really great group of panelists here to talk on kind of banks 2020. So what is partnering with Treasury and receivable leaders for digital transformation? So, with that, I'd like to invite kind of our panelist up. Our first panelist is from Bank of America, Rodney Gardner, head of global receivables and global transaction services. From Citibank, we have Preeti Chaturvedi, Global Head of core receivables. From Commerce bank, we have Aaron Bach, Vice President. With PNC, we have head of product strategy, Eileen Dignen. And finally, I'd like to welcome up Vikram Gollakota who is our vice president of solution engineering with HighRadius. [1:03] Vikram Gollakota: Thanks for coming. This is the second time we're doing this. Some of you were here last year. So I want to start with what we talked about last year. So let's play a quick video. [1:21] Video: Look around our offices now. And we have a lot of millennials working and they're never writing a check, and never will in their entire lives. So as they become a little bit older and move into businesses, I think you're going to have the natural shift…

What you'll learn

In this panel, join Bank of America, Citi, PNC, Commerce Bank and Bank of the West as they discuss how banks could be the allies that Treasury and A/R teams need for Digital Transformation. Key topics of discussion include collaboration on cash forecasting, cash reconciliation, cross-border trade, payment fraud, and risk management.

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