5 Skills Every OTC GPO Needs in the Age of AI: Secret to adidas, Cargill, Huntsman, McCormick and Danone’s A/R Success

An insightful summary of how these GPOs made their Order To Cash future-ready while reducing costs, improving metrics and keeping their customers happy!


Chapter 01

Defining GPO’s Responsibilities

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Skill #1

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Chapter 01

Defining GPO’s Responsibilities

While the adoption of Global Process Owner is constantly on the rise, there is still a lot of mist around defining the core responsibilities of an Order-to-Cash (OTC) GPO.

According to the text analysis of 100+ job descriptions for OTC GPOs, here are some common expectations:

  • Establish and communicate a clear vision
  • Drive global deployment and adoption of the process, with regional and local requirements customization
  • Develop and translate strategy into operational goals, objectives, and process roadmaps
  • Identify necessary resources (people and capital) to support the implementation of these strategies.
  • Assess opportunities for continuous process improvement and expansion

PwC Report

GPO’s Dilemma: Inability to Leverage Technology

Order To Cash Executives today believe in the potential for technology. Here are the standard benefits expected from RPA and AI:

Productivity Savings       Customer Experience Percentage

Moreover, according to another survey by KPMG, 62% of respondents from larger enterprises are already investing or are planning to invest in digital labor.

However, here comes the shocker. According to the data shared at the European Shared Services Leaders’ Summit:

Implementations not able to achieve planned benefits

Surprised? Don’t be.

GPOs today are not ready to surf through the oceans of technology while keeping their A/R ship steady.

Here are 5 skills that helped Cargill, Adidas, Huntsman, Danone and McCormick rudder their Order To Cash in the right direction.



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