Cashing In: 3 Ways Order-to-cash Teams Could Drive Balance Sheet Impact

An insightful summary on how to leverage credit and A/R data to lower operational costs, improve customer relationships, and gain a sharp competitive edge.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

Strategic Credit And Sales Collaboration

Chapter 03

Reducing Churn With Exemplary Customer Experience

Chapter 04

Decreasing Revenue Leakage

Chapter 05

Chapter 01

Executive Summary

According to a study by Finextra more than 75% of companies that are running at loss or struggling financially would be profitable and liquid with better working capital management.

However, most companies focus on financing through lending and overlook a large, hidden source of capital: the balance sheet. Regardless of how much revenues increase, if cash is tied up in A/R, it is going to impede business growth.

This eBook discusses 3 quick ways in which the finance leadership could leverage credit and A/R departments to improve working capital by:

  • Identifying profitable market segments and upsell opportunities with   strategic credit and sales collaboration
  • Reducing churn with exemplary customer experience in order-to-cash
  • Decreasing revenue leakage with proactive order-to-cash operations


Let us explore the potential of order-to-cash innovations to help finance executives hit their free cash targets and unlock the dollars trapped in your balance sheets.



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