Credit Risk Mitigation In The New Economy: Guide For A/R Leaders In The Consumer Goods Industry

Balance credit risk within the consumer goods industry with a five-step roadmap created with lessons learned from 2020 and learn more about the value in digitally transforming credit in 2021.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02


Chapter 03

New Risk Mitigation Trends Observed In Response to the COVID Crisis

Chapter 04

Balancing Credit Risk: Tips To Adjust To The New Reality

Chapter 05

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

Executive Summary

In the upcoming chapters, we cover how A/R executives in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are able to:

  • Enable real-time credit risk monitoring to make well-informed decisions
  • Decide which orders should be released and which ones should be kept on hold to keep risk at bay
  • Make recovery and growth possible in 2021
  • Gain visibility into day-to-day credit and order to cash operations
  • Leverage technology and digital transformation for continuous improvement and higher A/R efficiency



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