European Union Regulations Regulating Working Capital

An actionable summary of how European Union Regulations impact the working capital, and how an organisation should plan its next steps to drive the regulation.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

Late Payment Directive

Chapter 03

Payment Service Directive(PSD2)

Chapter 04

Mandatory e-invoicing

Chapter 05

Regulation on Cross-Border Payments

Chapter 06

PCI DSS Compliance

Chapter 07


Chapter 08

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Leverage European Union Regulations Improving Working Capital

The Payment Paradox

Managing working capital is always the most crucial long-term financial goals for all the companies irrespective of their size and region.
Earlier companies banked on the idea of delaying their payments. However, the late payment directive regulation in Europe, is now forcing companies to rethink their strategy.
While accounts receivables stands to benefit from this new regulation, the impact on the payables is negating the advantage gained.
Moreover, in the current fiscal landscape, easy access to affordable credit might likely be more elusive since interest rates might eventually rise which is again putting a dent in the working capital improvement strategies!
According to a survey by PwC, EUR 950 Billion could be released from the balance sheet of globally listed companies by addressing poor working capital performance.
This eBook aims to educate the readers on the certain upcoming EU regulations and explains what order to cash leaders could do to comply and create a positive impact on working capital.

What are the EU regulations you should be aware of?

In order to improve the European business and bring in more stability and security in the market especially for the Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) that consist a significant share, European Commission has come up with several regulations that can change the tide and actually help companies improve their working capital. In this ebook, we will discuss the implications and complications arising from the following 5 directives:
European Commission Regulations>



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