From Chaos to Calm:
2 Simple Techniques to Overcome Remote Work Isolation

Social distancing is challenging, especially if you don’t know when it will end. But you can make remote working better by following these simple techniques.


Chapter 01

What is Remote Work Isolation?

Chapter 02

Stick to Your Work Habits at Home

Chapter 03

Stay Connected to You Colleagues
Chapter 01

What is Remote Work Isolation?

All of us are social creatures. To a certain extent, we hope, need and prosper on communication and interactions.

So naturally, “social distancing” (although the best way to decrease and ultimately defeat COVID-19) becomes a very difficult task to achieve. Having said that, we are still trying to manage working remotely and in isolation and trying best to adapt as it is the need of the hour.

Remote Work Isolation

But remote teams also need a place for learning, problem-solving, having fun and motivating each other.

As you adapt to this new work style, be careful to not let communication gaps, difficult inter-team collaborations, lack of motivation or the feeling of being at home affect your
productivity, morale or performance.

As you transition to full-time work from home, here are two simple techniques to help you make the best out of this situation.



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