How Robots Score 5-0 Vs Amazon in the Dispute Resolution Challenge

Disputes are a part of life and processing them takes away a huge chunk of manpower and time. But things get complicated manifold when you have to adopt a complex workflow just for handling deductions from only one customer – Amazon.
Amazon has ties with quite a number of vendors. However, the Amazon Vendor Central is a nightmare for deductions analysts because of its cumbersome processes for resolving disputes.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

How difficult is it to raise a claim on VC?

Chapter 03

How Do Robots Fare Against Vendor Central

Chapter 04

Robots and Real World Amazon Dispute Cases

Chapter 05

Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Accounts Receivable is probably the toughest job in the finance portfolio since it primarily involves convincing external parties to part with their hard-earned savings. A customer might cite multiple reasons for why they cannot pay an invoice, but an unresolved dispute is the only valid one which provides a reason why they should not pay an invoice.
AR teams across organizations of all industries and sizes, are keen to resolve any open disputes and clear the payment but resolving customer claims/queries is not a cakewalk. It is  a complicated process which involves

  • back-and-forth across multiple teams such as sales, credit
  • aggregating documents such as claims, POD, BOL from various sources
  • disputing timely with proper denial correspondence

Further complications arise when you are receiving a high volume of claims from a single major customer, such as Amazon, and your analysts have to deviate from their normal routine to resolve these queries, such as logging into a specific web portal such as Vendor Central to manually dispute these claims.

Customer, carrier, and vendor portals are a specific niche when it comes to A/R automation and Amazon Vendor Central is one of the most widely used customer portals owing to Amazon’s omnipresence. However, customer portals including Vendor Central are notorious for making life hard for analysts trying to transact on them. So how do you handle customer portals and save productive time while improving process outcomes? Read on to discover….

This e-book is for you if
you or your team are handling resolving customer queries/claims on  their web portals and can relate with any of the below:

  1. Raising disputes is a taxing exercise – It involves navigating through claims in the VC (Vendor Central), identifying the dispute, attaching the proper backup documentations and posting it. This takes time and highly inefficient. Will a technology solution eliminates the manual steps associated with dispute resolution in VC?
  2. Vendors are penalized for no fault of their own – Invalid deductions pop up frequently where the vendors get disputed without any valid reason and get charged for it. Will technology provides options to counter against invalid claims?
  3. Lack of visibility – A primary driver for boosting operational efficiency is to achieve real-time end-to-end managerial view of metrics and statistics. Will technology allow me to complete visibility to adopt corrective measures based on drill-down capabilities
  4. Lack of preparedness for the future – Any enterprise-grade technology solution must be ready for the future. Will the technology solution remain relevant in the face of the growing deduction volumes and complex dispute resolution workflow?
    Read on as we try to address the above issues by presenting a use case of Amazon Vendor Central.



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