Order-to-Cash in Postmodern ERP Environment: Are You Getting a Raw Deal?

An insightful summary of what you should look for in  SaaS O2C solutions to improve metrics and satisfy customers at lower cost in the postmodern ERP environment!


Chapter 01

What Is Postmodern ERP?

Chapter 02

O2C in Postmodern Environment: Key Concerns

Chapter 03

Three Must-Haves in AI Driven Best-in-Class Solutions

Chapter 04

Single Integrated Cloud Platform

Chapter 05


Chapter 06

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

What Is Postmodern ERP?

Your ERP is a jack of all trades. However, the question daunting the minds of many world leaders today is this—is your ERP sufficient to optimize your business to the next level?
Probably not. Especially with the rising demands for flexibility and agility to suit the needs of customers.
However, Gartner has introduced an interesting concept coined Postmodern ERP.

“The main goal of a postmodern ERP strategy is to have the freedom to use the best applications for each function, while ensuring they adequately integrate with each other when necessary.”

Put simply, a traditional ERP system is like buying a new car every 10 years while paying for maintenance.

Postmodern ERP

A postmodern ERP is like owning the same car indefinitely while replacing various components with better ones as they become available.



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