SAP Order to Cash: 30 Must-Have Capabilities

This e-book is an actionable summary that drills down on identifying gaps left by SAP Receivables Management and how Cloud software could fill those gaps.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

30 Gaps in SAP to Plug Using Cloud Solutions

Chapter 03

Checklist to Evaluate SAP Integration for Cloud Solutions

Chapter 04

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

Executive Summary

A/R and IT Landscape is Changing Rapidly

Scaling business within SAP ecosystem

For most enterprises, implementing a top-of-the-line ERP like SAP is a mammoth investment. But still it may fall short of delivering certain capabilities in order-to-cash due to the following complexities in ERP and A/R landscape.

Order to Cash Landscape & Complex SAP landscape

As per a Hackett survey, 85% respondents indicated that top consideration when choosing automation technology is ease of integrating A/R processes with their ERPs.

For addressing the growing challenges, A/R teams have the option of either continuing to invest in SAP enhancements and add-ons or adopting best-of-breed cloud solutions to plug in the gaps.

Major Concern for Automation

Build vs Buy

When evaluating automation technology that integrates tightly with SAP, these are the reasons why buying a technology off the shelf triumphs over building it in-house.

Paying for Results vs Paying for Technology

On ‘building’ a solution in-house, you are actually paying for the nuts and bolts and the man-hours behind the project. In contrast, when you are ‘buying’ a solution, you have the flexibility of negotiating the pricing with your vendor and make a compelling business impact.

Faster ROI

With getting a solution built in-house, the project tends to have an extended timeline and exceed the budget. ‘Buying’ a technology, on the other hand, helps you achieve a positive ROI faster with speedy implementation.

Future proof

When you opt for the ‘build’ approach, you are stuck with the technology. In contrast, ‘buying’ a solution positions you to change your decision depending on evolving technology and trends.

This e-book outlines the must-have feature checklist and how A/R specific cloud software could seamlessly integrate to SAP ECC and S/4HANA to help A/R teams unlock productivity without disrupting the existing IT landscape.



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