The Business Case for Automating Cash Forecasting

Use this e-book to analyze the ROI of AI-enabled Cash Forecasting to drive better investment decisions.


Chapter 01

ROI Is Key to Making the Case for AI-Enabled Cash Forecasting

Chapter 02

Calculating ROI for Cash Forecasting

Chapter 03

Calculating Gross Savings

Chapter 04

Calculating CAPEX and OPEX

Chapter 05

Chapter 01

ROI Is Key to Making the Case for AI-Enabled Cash Forecasting

Executive management views successful projects as either making money, saving money,
or strengthening an existing initiative. Persuasive arguments for technology investments should be framed in these terms. Unfortunately, departments often attempt to convince management to fund automation projects based upon statements such as these:

  • “We are stretched thin and need better systems.”
  • “My team is frustrated because of repetitive, manual work.”
  • “It will help me focus on strategic initiatives.”

Each one of these “rationales” for bringing in an automated system carries with it an element of subjectivity which can be negated either through more objective thinking or a difference of opinion. For example, the complaint of being stretched thin will most likely be countered by a statement of “you need to do a better job of managing the workload across your department.”

CFOs Need Quantitative Metrics for Decision Making

CFOs are often the primary decision maker and are concerned with how to “do more with less.” This translates into two important performance indicators:reducing costs and
increasing cash flow.

CFOs need quantitative metrics for decision making