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Read the Blog: Reimagining Deduction Through AI

An in-depth look into how AI can help resolve deductions faster for any business
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Reimagining the Future of Healthcare in A/R

Learn about the key strategies to safeguard business and accounts receivables in the healthcare industry with the rapidly changing economy
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Digital Transformation By Artificial Intelligence

An insight into the eventful development of AI characterized by its application in today's market between fact and fiction
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Getting Started with AI & Machine Learning, NOW – My P&G Experience

Tony Saldanha: All right. Hey, good evening. It’s wonderful to be back here in Radiance. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. I…
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Evolution of Chatbots in Finance

Practical examples of implementing chatbots in O2C. How to redesign the future of chatbots with AI and Machine Learning.
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Opportunities and Boundaries of AI in the Digital Transformation Age of Finance

The future of finance needs to be re-imagined through innovations. It's time for the race. Disruption is inevitable, so the finance function needs to have…
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3-Ways to Improve Collections Effectiveness with Customer Data

3 basic levers of a best-in-class collections strategy formed solely with customer data Use case: 200% improvement in collections productivity with AI and machine learning
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Humans + Machines: Changing Workforce and Job Responsibilities with AI

Lower AI deployment in the senior executive level job roles
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