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Best Practices to Prevent Invoice Scams

The best way for the accounts payable teams to stop paying fake bills is to match the invoice to the purchase order and order receipt.
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Top Technology Trends in Finance to Embrace in 2023 and Beyond

The effective use of technology in finance will help businesses optimise costs, collect revenue faster, and avoid making wrong investment choices.
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AR Aging Report: Importance, How to Create & Use It?

An AR aging report is a record that shows the due amount of all your customers from the day the invoice was issued.
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Innovation in the Finance Function

Innovation in the world of finance helps employees to close their books faster and deliver more accurate information when it comes to forecasting.
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Past-due Invoice: The In-depth Guide (With Templates)

Past due invoice is created when each invoice has a credit period that specifies the credit terms and how long the buyer has to repay…
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What is Pledging Receivables? – With Examples

Businesses surrender or pledge their receivables in return for financing options such as loans to gain capital needs
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Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC): Formula, Calculation, Example

The cash conversion cycle (CCC) is a metric that measures the time it takes for a company to convert its inventory to cash.
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Temporary vs Permanent Accounts: What’s the Difference (With Examples)

Temporary accounts are the ones that are closed at the end of the fiscal period. Whereas permanent accounts stay up and running.
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