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Operational Excellence for Best-in-Class Treasury: Dashboards, KPIs, and Metrics for Monitoring Financial Health

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Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner Strategic Treasurer

Valerio Trinchi

AVP - Growth Initiatives HighRadius

What you'll learn

  • Track financial KPIs to focus on the big picture, helping treasury professionals with the decision making  and identifying any red flags.
  • Know qualitative and quantitative KPIs and metrics to keep accuracy, visibility and frequency in check.
  • Understand the company’s cash position and how it impacts the financial health.

About the Webinar

You are likely familiar with the phrase, “what gets measured gets improved.” It is also an almost universal request of treasury and finance professionals to see dashboards and KPIs used by other companies. Present treasury infrastructure may no longer be adequate to serve new markets or products, or to manage the risks that come with expanded treasury functions hence achieving Operational Excellence is more crucial than ever. Visibility into performance and data allows for improved decision-making, a renewed focus on efficiency, insight into liquidity, and better financial results.

Join this webinar with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer and Valerio Trinchi, AVP – Growth Initiatives, HighRadius where they will examine the types of metrics used by leading companies to monitor and improve their performance across a range of areas with the additional context of differences between company positions (liquidity situation, transaction intensity, working capital drivers).

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