A Robot Could Cut Your DSO in Half: How Ferrero Uses RPA and AI for Collections, Cash Application and Claims Management

About The Webinar

Welcome to the world’s first educational web-series on AI in AR: Reshaping A/R with Artificial Intelligence.

As a Credit and A/R leader, you could choose to continue throwing more of the same, at problems which have existed for decades, while turning a deaf ear to the buzz around robotics, AI and machine learning.

Or, you could follow the way of Kay Rogers, Senior Credit and Deductions Manager at Ferrero, who chose RPA and AI-enabled Integrated Receivables to plug time, cost and productivity leaks in their A/R operations by automating manual tasks across cash application, collections and deductions management and enabling seamless flow of information between functional silos.

Sounds like too sweet a deal? Join part 2 of this series with experts from CRF and Ferrero for a real-world strategy to overcome the 3 most common and debilitating challenges in A/R departments – limited process visibility, broken internal collaboration and productivity lost in low-value,  manual processing.