Artificial Intelligence in A/R: Why Your Work-Life Will Not be the Same in 2020

About The Webinar

Are you an AI naysayer? Or do you believe that the future of mankind is doomed by an AI takeover? Think again because the reality is far from that. Artificial Intelligence is not only making our personal life better with Siris and Alexas but also changing our work-life for good. The order-to-cash space is also witnessing continuous advancements with robots saving the headache of manual, repetitive tasks and AI assistants doing what they are designed for – ‘assist’ humans in complex decision making. As an A/R practitioner, your work-life will not be the same in 2020 and you need to be prepared for it to survive in the age of AI.
Are you aware of the impact of AI on credit and collections? Do you know the skills needed to join forces with the digital workforce? Join Lori Pinto, Credit Manager from Allegro Microsystems, to understand what the A/R future with AI looks like for analysts, managers and executives and explore the results they achieved with automation in their credit and A/R department.