GE’s Digital Transformation Guide for Shared Services

About The Webinar

Digital transformation is the next wave of disruption that could fundamentally change the way shared services operate. Not only does it help SSCs achieve economies of scale but it also holds the potential to enable their evolution from “cost killers” to “value drivers”. As great as the opportunities are, however, research suggests that most shared services groups are not yet prepared for this digital wave. The reason being the lack of a strategic transformation roadmap with a clear end vision and understanding of its impact on the processes and workforce.

Join Vivek Thakral, Director of Artificial Intelligence, GE in the first-ever tell-all webcast of the digital transformation strategy behind GE’s shared services group. Get a first-hand experience of their automation journey, understand the impact of digitization on the workforce, and explore practical use cases of Artificial Intelligence for O2C shared services.