‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’ Receivables : The Santa Claus Method to Categorize, Manage and Evaluate A/R Collections

About The Webinar

According to a recent Santa Credit Association survey, controlling past-due A/R and reducing DSO remain top concerns for credit and A/R professionals going into 2017. Noticeably, these metrics are significantly impacted by the collection teams’ operational efficiency, prioritization techniques, and follow-up strategies and, of course, weather at the North Pole.

To meet targets, successful collections elf teams leverage the operational differences in collection strategies for non-disputed, ‘good’ receivables versus disputed, ‘bad’ receivables. This approach is proven effective to improve focus on key accounts and reduce bad-debt, even in busy winter months.

This expert-led webinar discusses the techniques and technology to focus on in 2017 for optimal categorization and faster processing of receivables with targeted collection strategies.