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Real Time Payments – Worth The Hype? Evaluating ACH, Credit Cards and Real-Time Payments


About The Webinar

A study by NACHA finds that more than 50% of transactions in the B2B space are electronic in nature and check transactions have declined by 45% over the past 5 years.

Given the rapid adoption of electronic payments, it is imperative for finance departments to support all of these new payment formats including same-day ACH and Real-time payments.

In the upcoming complimentary webinar, we compare and contrast ACH, Credit Cards and Real-Time payments in terms of costs and benefits for your team. Key Takeaways include:

  1. Most common use cases for adopting ACH, Real-Time and Credit Card Payments
  2. Deeper understanding of how payments and remittances are received and processed
  3. Costs and Benefits of adopting these payment formats for suppliers
  4. Ways to control payment processing costs by up to 50%
  5. Advantages and disadvantages for buyers (your customers)

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HighRadius Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Software provides tools that automate and speed up invoice communication and facilitate a faster collection of payments, enabling a closer and more convenient relationship with customers. It automates the invoice transmission and payment collection process providing a configurable solution that supports multiple invoice formats and different modes of transmission (fax, email, portal, etc.) depending on the targeted customer, its integration with ERP systems and a rich search capability enables efficient storage and retrieval of past invoices, backup attachments to minimize disputes and short pays. Apart from that it also has some key features that you would not want to miss out: level-III interchange and surcharge; self-service customer portal; invoicing across email, customer portals, post, and fax; advanced deduction management; and lightning e-payments. The result is faster invoicing and payment collection, better customer service, and improved profitability and cash flow.