Ride Out the ‘Economic Roller Coaster’ Leveraging Credit Management Automation

About The Webinar

A recent survey by the National Association for Business Economics(NABE) revealed that 38% of the respondents believed that an upcoming recession is about to hit the globe. There is still a lot of debate whether it is destined to happen later this year or in 2020, however, the Order to Cash teams are expected to get hit by a number crunch in terms of collecting receivables, working capital optimization & cash forecasting.
Did you know that your credit management department could play a significant role in safeguarding your organization during the recession wave? Join Michelle Herman, Consultant, Business Development-Credit & Collections, HighRadius & Eric Kider, SVP Local Marketing & Credit Solutions, Infogroup as they explain how credit departments could be the superheroes to save O2C from recession repercussions and how Artificial Intelligence could be the perfect sidekick to your credit teams’ strategic risk assessment initiatives.