The Risk Professional’s Hidden Bugaboo : Public Company Bankruptcy

About The Webinar

Public companies are few in number, but huge in risk – and they represent more than half of the typical dollar risk exposure in the world today. You may have been brought up to think that there’s no risk in public companies, but those who underestimate the impact of financial stress for their critical customers or vendors could find themselves unemployed with just one (huge) mistake.

This credit risk is cloaked: public companies often continue to pay consistently right up through bankruptcy. Payment data and/or patterns can’t effectively pinpoint or predict public company failure in credit management process. So not only is public company risk real – and dangerous – but you need to strategize for it differently than private companies in your portfolio.

Join this webinar to meet the team that has spent the last 20 years building solutions that predict public company bankruptcy with 96% accuracy – led by CreditRiskMonitor’s CEO, Jerry Flum alongside Bill Weiss, Vice President, Business Development at HighRadius.

This is your chance to learn how you could adopt strategically different scoring models for public and private companies and define an optimum review frequency – so that you know the news before it becomes news.