Unmatched Efficiency with Autonomous Accounting

Transform your accounting process by enabling faster close cycles, error free reconciliation and proactive anomaly management with ONE Platform

Navigating the Challenges of Traditional Accounting

Manual accounting processes can lead to reporting inaccuracies, inconsistencies and risk of non-compliance, resulting in reduced profitability

Manual and time-intensive data processing tasks

Gathering financial data manually from multiple departments or sources can be a complex task due to lack of data centralization

Teams operating in siloes lead to incomplete data

Email based communication between different departments can be inefficient due to lack of integrated systems, leading to incomplete financial information

Inaccuracy and inconsistency in financial reporting

Mismanagement of data and human errors due to manual processes can lead to inconsistency and inaccuracy in how financial information is collected, processed and reported

High risk of non-compliance and accounting regulations

Manual accounting practices can cause inaccuracies in financial reporting and make compliance monitoring a challenge due to the lack of real-time visibility

Experience the Future of Accounting with HighRadius Autonomous Accounting

Transform your accounting process with faster close cycles, improved accuracy and access to real-time data for better decision-making all on one Platform


Managing Robust Task & Status Reporting Pre-configured Task Specific Worksheets One-Touch Automated ERP Posting Learn More

Accounts Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation Workflow GL Specific Reconciliation Templates AI Matching and continued Reconciliations Learn More

Anomaly Management

AI-Powered Error
AI-enabled Suggestions
and Actions
One-touch ERP
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Discover the Benefits of Autonomous Accounting for Record to Report function

HighRadius Deduction Automation Datasheet

Accelerate Financial Close with Day Zero Accounting

Automation allows for faster financial reporting with worksheets and project templates for data collection and analysis, reducing the risk of errors and avoiding the need to create reports from scratch
Accounts Receivables Dispute Management

Improve Reconciliation Accuracy with Continuous Accounting

AI-based automation performs reconciliation on an ongoing basis, which helps to improve accuracy and reduce the risk of errors, to gain more accurate financial insights
Resolving Deductions 2x Faster

Detect Anomalies Proactively to Reduce Risk

Autonomous technology proactively identifies unusual patterns or outliers in financial data; which can be indicative of errors or issues; thereby reducing the risk of errors in reporting, compliance violations or financial losses

Unlocking Business Outcome with Autonomous Accounting Solution

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Take The Next Step To Transform Your Office Of The CFO

Autonomous Receivables

Transform the Order to Cash process with automation, enabling finance & AR leaders to create an integrated platform thereby streamlining the process while enhancing accuracy, increasing efficiency and reducing DSO.

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Autonomous Treasury

Transform Treasury by automating critical aspects of cash management and, leverage AI to optimize cash position, reduce risk exposure and drive efficient cash allocation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Security is of paramount importance to each of our customers as it is to us. We are SSAE16 Soc I Type II certified, PCI-DSS Compliant and CSA Registered. We strictly follow all Industry standards and best practices.

While choosing an Autonomous Accounting solution, you must look at factors like its use cases, product features, analytical capabilities, scalability of the solution, data security and compliance, and integration capabilities. To see HighRadius in action and how it meets your needs, book a 30-minute demo with our accounting experts.

How is AI used in accounting?

Unlike the resource-intensive traditional accounting, autonomous accounting embeds AI into the financial close, reconciliation, and anomaly detection processes to automate manual tasks. Right from auto-reconciling the GL and sub-ledger data to customized projects with tasks, AI frees you up from performing these repetitive processes and lets you focus on the strategic tasks.

HighRadius' solutions offer pre-built connectors with the major ERPs and banks to reduce the IT effort while setting up the integration. Additionally, we provide a dedicated implementation team to do most of the heavy lifting. In general, our solution is designed to be user-friendly and requires minimal IT involvement once it is set up and running.

Yes, HighRadius' Autonomous Accounting solution integrates with all major cloud-based ERPs like Epicor Kinetic, SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Workday, and more. To know more about HighRadius' integrations, please check these FAQs.

Record to report (R2R) is a finance and accounting management process that involves collecting, processing and presenting accurate financial data. It provides strategic and financial insights to the management and other stakeholders about the performance of the organization.