Autonomous Accounting for Record to Report

Detailed Close Project Plan for reducing Close Cycle Time

Create detailed month-end close plans with specific close tasks that can be assigned to various R2R analysts to perform closing activities for all functional categories including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Fixed Assets


How Detailed Close Project Plan Helps Reduce Close Cycle Time Up To 40%

Curated close project plans for faster roll out

  • Pre-selected project plans to accelerate implementation
  • Up to 40% reduction of month-end close cycle time

Integrate existing task list rather than recreating it

  • Minimal effort required for addition of tasks
  • Reduces implementation time

Real time status of close tasks

  • Integrated status update of tasks
  • Real time visibility into close completion status

Assignment of a task to a group of secondary analysts

  • One of the analysts within the assigned group can perform the task
  • No need for reassignment in the event of a primary assignee unable to perform the said task

Create dependencies amongst tasks to ensure linear handling

  • Allows the user to ascertain the priorities and order in which tasks need to be performed

User management to ensure SOX & Compliance controls

  • Ability to ensure that the person who executes a task cannot approve that task
  • Ability to restrict view access for tasks and data elements designated as sensitive
  • Ability to provide view only access to auditors