Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Automated Tracking of Invoice Status from A/P Portals

Automatically track invoice status and payment commitments from customer portals including Amazon, Walmart without any manual intervention

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  • Track real-time invoice status and follow up accordingly

    Save time and effort required in regularly logging into multiple portals to check the status of open invoices. Automatically extract payment status information from web portals against open invoices in your worklist.

  • Stay informed about skipped invoices

    Learn about invoices that are not presented on the portals (skipped invoices) to prevent delay in payments and also get your worklist prioritized based on skipped invoices.

  • Easily track payment commitments posted on the web portals

    Automatically extract payment commitments from the A/P portals on a real-time basis. Prioritize your worklist based on open payment commitments.

  • Enable a one-stop solution for invoice push and tracking status from A/P portals

    Automatically push invoices to A/P portals, extract invoice statuses, payment commitments every day - all through a single Collections platform.

How to get started

1. Automatically push invoices to
customer portals

Automatically send invoices to customer's portals such as Amazon, Walmart without any manual intervention.

2. Track real-time payment
status information

Extract payment status information from the customer portals on a real-time basis. The payment statuses are auto-populated on your worklist against each open invoice.

3. Track payment commitments on
a real-time basis

Auto-aggregate promises to pays from the customer portals on a real-time basis. The collector's worklist is prioritized and reminders are created based on these payment commitments against open invoices.

This Is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Brightstar
Speed: Account Coverage : The Collections team at Brightstar Corporation increased their Collections accounts coverage per day by 97% through leveraging custom correspondence packages offered by HRC as compared to 8 different types of email correspondence templates which were used earlier and needed extensive IT involvement for set up and configuration.
HighRadius Customer: Shurtech
Productivity: Past-Due A/R : The Shurtech Collections team reduced past-due A/R by 50% with the help of efficient customer correspondence. They had a 33% reduction in the 1-30 days past-due aging bucket and a 75% reduction in the 31+ days past-due aging bucket.

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