Seamless Software Integration Across A/R Systems
Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Seamless Integration Across Collections, Payments, Deductions

Get access to real-time updates across A/R to ensure accurate credit decisions.

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  • Ensure better order management using data across Collections, Cash Application and EIPP

    Leverage AI-based blocked order predictions to automatically notify collectors about the upcoming blocked orders for faster recovery. Your customers can make a payment using the EIPP portal/payment links and the payment information flows through Cash Application Cloud for faster cash posting and order release.

  • Build personalized dunning strategies based on customer's credit profile

    Share the real-time updates such as risk class revisions, credit score, credit limit utilization to help your collectors build customizable collection strategies.

  • Leverage payment data for accurate credit decisions

    Minimize credit risk by assigning appropriate credit limits by looking at the customer's payment behaviour from EIPP, Cash Application Cloud.

How to get started

1. Get real-time payment information and update credit exposure dynamically

Get access to payment information and payment posting status from EIPP and Cash Application Cloud to dynamically update the credit risk exposure.

2. Release/block order based on collectible amount information from collections

Integrate with Collections Cloud to get access to the collectible amount for a customer to calculate the adjusted credit exposure. Based on the adjusted exposure, make a decision whether to release or block the order.

3. Share credit intel with collections for customized collection strategies

Share vital credit information such as credit limit, score, risk class, credit exposure and utilization with your collectors to ensure personalized and effective dunning strategies.

4. Access customer's payment behavior during credit reviews

Leverage the real-time updates to customer's payment patterns from Collections Cloud and integrate it with your scoring model to ensure accurate credit decisions.

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HighRadius Customer: Resmed
improved productivity of the credit teams: : with the help of automation, ResMed saved 13 hours/month for the credit team.
HighRadius Customer: Mercury Marine
Productivity : Mercury Marine reduced customer onboarding time by 67% and improved credit team productivity with streamlined credit operations and faster processing of periodic reviews

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